Monday, June 1, 2009

RE visit # 2

My trek to North Carolina was uneventful. I was afraid the driving would be dreadful, but I must say it is pretty nice. I think next drive I might stop at one the side-of-the-road Peach and Jelly places. I know once the husband comes with me we will stop for fireworks no doubt!

So I got there and they did a sonogram and it showed a pesky residual cyst. Apparently very common and very annoying. It pushes everything back a week. So no meds were started yet and I have to go back this Friday to see if it is gone. Now the "old me" might have been devastated and cried and carried on yet another set back. BUT I was not! No why, you ask?? BECAUSE I PAID!!! That is right, in my mind I have gotten further than I ever had before! Sure I would have like to start the meds but the nurse explained how important it is to shrink this little bugger and start with some fresh healthy ovaries. So I am eating well this week, maintain my work out routine all in the hopes of shrinking this rock in road!

Also hoping that work does not start to ask why am I constantly out......So here is to a good and fast week and Cyst-free Friday! Woo Hoo!!

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