Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well, maybe sometime it pays to go through all the headaches with insurance, because after a certain amount of time you become wise. I called the pharmacy to find out if an authorization was received for my meds. And there was nothing in yet. I thought, well I got one before somehow (still not sure how that little miracle took place...) so why not with this? Then it dawned on me to ask the pharmacist if we could just try putting in a refill for the med that was giving us the trouble? And sure enough it worked!!! AMEN! I get lucky yet again with the meds only $150 for what could have been $1500!!! let us hope this is a sign of things to come! Who knows these meds could be the lucky batch!!!

Tomorrow is my second appointment in North Carolina. I will leave around 6:30-7am. I believe tomorrow is the Saline Sonogram and meds class! Hopefully I will get an idea of what the next 2 weeks will look like medication wise and travel wise. I will have to go back at least 2 times I think for monitoring. So it all starts tomorrow! Holy cow!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Always an obstacle.....

Since I changed Doctors from Georgia to North new RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) changed my meds up a ilittle form the first doctor. Now if you are are just joining the show, two things about IVF meds 1) they are expensive and 2) they are expensive.
So imagine the JOY I had when my first batch of meds were completly covered under insurance? I felt like I won the lottery! These meds usually run anywhere from $2,000-$4,000. My new Doctor has gone through my vast collection of already purchased meds and has decided to add some things to the aresenol. Follistim being the major change and of course the MOST expensive. The forst quote I received was abround $1500 for the additional batch. I am trying to go through my old pharmacy to see if I get lucky again and this by some miracle is covered.
This entire process is just FILLED with road block and problems. I am trying so hard to take this in stride and chock it up to whatever it is it is. But I know as wonderful as my husband is this additional curve ball will be a sore point. And yes, I am already dreading having to tell him if my pharmacy cannot preform the insurance-coverage miracle!
Pharmacist just called....he is dilligently working on it. I should know something I guess soon. And really in the scheme of things this is really the least of my worries. Just when it comes to money and the husband.....well let's just say he is frugal!

I know there will be other issues, like taking off work. I will not really be able to give too much notice when we do the retrieval/transfer. I will need a couple of days I am sure during the stimming to trek 8 hours for the sonograms to make sure my little eggies are getting ripe. Just trying to work it all out in my head. I seriously have to keep reminding myself that I have ZERO control over this process. I need to trust the Dr trust science trust the universe. AND LET GO! Then and only then will I get through this.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My wonderful Husband.....

So after talking today with someone I realized something so amazing about my husband. That maybe he may not be the mushiest man in the world. But there are times in life when he shows me just how much he loves me. And I get a glimpse of what is inside his heart. The first memorable time was my 30th birthday. What a GRAND party! He rented a tent, had it catered, hired a band ....who learned our wedding song and my FAVORITE song of all time (Brandy, by "Looking Glass"). He hired a waitress to follow me arounfd anmkae sure my cup wan never empty, and invited my entire family and his. It was probably the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me. And a legendary party that family/friends still talk about!
Well it dawned on my that this IVF is also along those lines. This has to be so hard for him, probably more than I will ever know. Hard that we are in this place, hard that we have to spend the money....all of it. Yet he is doing this and I assume because he knows what it means to me.
So for that I am forever grateful and more in love today than I have ever been. I do not think many people can say that. I for the first time realized that no matter what happens we will be ok and make it through this no matter what.

Maybe someday I will show him this.....I hope he knows what he means to me. I do try and show it every day, that he is loved and appreciated. He is so very precious to me.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

First appointment.....

So...I woke up Friday morning with a determination. To make it to North Carolina and get this thing started. I was out of the house by 6:30 am and on the road to my future. The drive was beautiful lots of lush greenery. Along the way my path was saturated with subtle signs I was going the right way and made the right decision. You cannot help but feel that way sometimes when you look for signs you are on the right path. Before I left my husband told me to grab his American Express Card in case I needed to make a deposit. When I put it in my wallet I found an old fortune from a fortune cookie that said " Something Wonderful is going to Happen to you". Please? Really?? Then on the road for 15 minutes...Babies R Us...ok. Then halfway there I pass a town in SC called Shelby, then again in NC. Shelby is the girls name that I have been loving in my head secretly for a girl. Now are these signs or just things I choose to twist in my favor I don't know?? I am going to go with signs and keep positive!!!

I arrived at 10:30am, the office was very easy to find. tastefully decorated and cozy. I was comfortable right away. I met with the IVF nurse, the Dr the financial director everything all set. They did a sonogram my antra-follicle count was 28. The nurse said this was great not too many and not too few. Too many and you do not get good quality, too few well you know. No babies. So 28 is the pool in which we will feed from. I started birth control pills last night and my next appointment will be the 29th of May. At this appointment Saline sonogram checking the uterine cavity for polyps and cysts on the ovaries. As long as everything is clear we go on to Lupron.....that for 10 days then onto stims!!! Holy sh*t this is happening! We are looking at retrieval around second or third week in June. All in all this process will be 6 weeks. I will be praying alot!!! So stay tuned it will be getting interesting!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Have to start somewhere.....

And it starts tomorrow with a 4 hour drive to North Carolina. It is weird I feel like I am going to the right place and I have not been there, something in my guts tells me this is where I need to be. I think Georgia would have been more like rearing cattle, no one really know s you you are just another patient out of hundreds. But North Carolina I will get treated individually and I am hoping they will see my pain and want to help me and do whatever they can to get me pregnant. Wow, I am looking forward to getting this started it has been a long time coming. This is what I have wanted and now I have to do whatever I can to savor it all and do it all right. So no more caffeine, not that I had that much to begin with. And no alcohol. Eating right and continuing my exercise. I will do my part and science will do his! God willing. OK a small prayer right now to give me the strength I need ot get through this. Thank you for my family and my friends that help me struggle this time in my life, without any of you I would have gone nuts a long time ago.

So I think this blog will be getting one hell of a workout the next 2 months! Cheers!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Truly A Journey.....

A journey through patience! I just want it to be over and done with already. But it will be soon enough, this time no stopping and stalling. This is it. Now the question is will it be Georgia or north Carolina??? NC is only $7500 including ICSI and Assisted Hatching. Georgia a whopping $13,500! BUT......for that price they have added a bonus round for free if you do not take home a baby, all the free frozen transfers you can manage and an entire second cycle for NOTHING. Pretty good. The downside to NC 4hr drive, who really wants to commute while doing this? And husband does not want to miss a whole lot of work downside to Georgia $13,500....LOL. So I told him I would be agreeable to whatever he decides I will just be happy to do it at all! Now I just have to get through this week and make it to next Friday first appointment and start birth control pills! Woo Hoo!!

Oh the irony!