Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My wonderful Husband.....

So after talking today with someone I realized something so amazing about my husband. That maybe he may not be the mushiest man in the world. But there are times in life when he shows me just how much he loves me. And I get a glimpse of what is inside his heart. The first memorable time was my 30th birthday. What a GRAND party! He rented a tent, had it catered, hired a band ....who learned our wedding song and my FAVORITE song of all time (Brandy, by "Looking Glass"). He hired a waitress to follow me arounfd anmkae sure my cup wan never empty, and invited my entire family and his. It was probably the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me. And a legendary party that family/friends still talk about!
Well it dawned on my that this IVF is also along those lines. This has to be so hard for him, probably more than I will ever know. Hard that we are in this place, hard that we have to spend the money....all of it. Yet he is doing this and I assume because he knows what it means to me.
So for that I am forever grateful and more in love today than I have ever been. I do not think many people can say that. I for the first time realized that no matter what happens we will be ok and make it through this no matter what.

Maybe someday I will show him this.....I hope he knows what he means to me. I do try and show it every day, that he is loved and appreciated. He is so very precious to me.

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