Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Always an obstacle.....

Since I changed Doctors from Georgia to North new RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) changed my meds up a ilittle form the first doctor. Now if you are are just joining the show, two things about IVF meds 1) they are expensive and 2) they are expensive.
So imagine the JOY I had when my first batch of meds were completly covered under insurance? I felt like I won the lottery! These meds usually run anywhere from $2,000-$4,000. My new Doctor has gone through my vast collection of already purchased meds and has decided to add some things to the aresenol. Follistim being the major change and of course the MOST expensive. The forst quote I received was abround $1500 for the additional batch. I am trying to go through my old pharmacy to see if I get lucky again and this by some miracle is covered.
This entire process is just FILLED with road block and problems. I am trying so hard to take this in stride and chock it up to whatever it is it is. But I know as wonderful as my husband is this additional curve ball will be a sore point. And yes, I am already dreading having to tell him if my pharmacy cannot preform the insurance-coverage miracle!
Pharmacist just called....he is dilligently working on it. I should know something I guess soon. And really in the scheme of things this is really the least of my worries. Just when it comes to money and the husband.....well let's just say he is frugal!

I know there will be other issues, like taking off work. I will not really be able to give too much notice when we do the retrieval/transfer. I will need a couple of days I am sure during the stimming to trek 8 hours for the sonograms to make sure my little eggies are getting ripe. Just trying to work it all out in my head. I seriously have to keep reminding myself that I have ZERO control over this process. I need to trust the Dr trust science trust the universe. AND LET GO! Then and only then will I get through this.

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