Sunday, August 30, 2009


Tomorrow is my 35th Birthday. A number I have been dreading for several years. In all the statistics you read 35 is a fertility marker for women. A marker of time, of what time is left. And as much as I worried endlessly about would we or would we not have children, I worried more about this number. Because of what it symbolized to me. And like all other holidays "would I be pregnant this year during my birthday?" game would be played. Well this year could not be more special. I feel like I beat the odds and I am a success story in the making. That yes, you can! And I am!

It does not come easy, the worrying never stops. Is everything ok? I don't feel as nauseous as I did yesterday, what does that mean? Is my stomach changing? It is a constant battle to keep these thoughts from taking over. I thank God every day for another pregnant day and pray that little bubs is doing ok. I used to go on and on about how I wanted a boy. Now I don't even care, I just want and bubs. I am going t throw the worrying away tomorrow and just enjoy my 9 week 4 day tummy!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Looks!

On Friday my husband and I got our first glimpse of our little miracle! Out of 12 eggs, 10 mature, 4 fertilized, 2 made it to 8-9 cells and one potential frozen this is our little miracle. I have since found out that we in deed did not have anything to freeze. And I found that out by my fee being returned. And I am totally ok with that, because we had one special little fighter. We saw a heart beat as well and I cried like I have never cried before. I had only dreamed of this moment and never really thought I would be one of the lucky ones. But I am, my OB even joked that this was the "Platinum Baby" he has no idea....I have already started calling he/she "The Golden Child". This baby will be so loved it is no joke. My Mom is already making her move to Georgia. She is selling her condo, bought a car and is going to tie up loose ends and will be house hunting soon!
I am still on cloud nine and I hope it does not stop. I am seriously concerned about a fibroid on top of my uterus but the doc is going to watch it closely. My next OB appointment is Sept 11th, next Ultra Sound is Sept 20th. I feel so much more at ease right now, the last thing the Dr said was that at 8 weeks seeing a heart beat miscarriage was around 1%. I will take that....99% chance everything is perfect. I still can remember seeing the littloe arm buds and that magic flickering of the heart. I can't wait to see him/her again, I am in love already.

Monday, August 10, 2009

6 Weeks 3 Days.....

So far so good. The worrying has subsided, the morning sickness down to a minimum. Today I am uber-dizzy but other than that just letting time tick on by. My first OB appointment is next week and I cannot wait! For now having fun thinking about nurseries and little feet. Trying to eat well too. These first few weeks are important so just trying to behave. Every once in a while it hits me that I am pregnant and I get all happy inside. And it turns out one of my Sister-in-Laws is pregnant also. So I have a partner in crime. Hopefully it will be fun being pregnant with her.

It truly is so surreal to say to myself....."You're Pregnant!". So far enjoying every second!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

5 Weeks 3 Days and Counting......

Everything is going pretty smoothly. I feel like I have to wait forever and a day for my Ultrasound, but I am not having any signs if anything is wrong. So I am hanging in there and just trying to enjoy the ride. Every now and a again I get a little anxious are things ok? Is everything on track? I am doing good though, trying to stay centered and just enjoy everything. I bought my first Maternity clothes to get me by for now. I am so bloated things do not fit anymore, I cannot button any pants and my work skirts won't zip! I have waited for this my ENTIRE life and I am having so much fun dreaming about what the next 9 months will bring. 19 more days untul my forst OB appointment....I can't wait!!!