Sunday, May 17, 2009

First appointment.....

So...I woke up Friday morning with a determination. To make it to North Carolina and get this thing started. I was out of the house by 6:30 am and on the road to my future. The drive was beautiful lots of lush greenery. Along the way my path was saturated with subtle signs I was going the right way and made the right decision. You cannot help but feel that way sometimes when you look for signs you are on the right path. Before I left my husband told me to grab his American Express Card in case I needed to make a deposit. When I put it in my wallet I found an old fortune from a fortune cookie that said " Something Wonderful is going to Happen to you". Please? Really?? Then on the road for 15 minutes...Babies R Us...ok. Then halfway there I pass a town in SC called Shelby, then again in NC. Shelby is the girls name that I have been loving in my head secretly for a girl. Now are these signs or just things I choose to twist in my favor I don't know?? I am going to go with signs and keep positive!!!

I arrived at 10:30am, the office was very easy to find. tastefully decorated and cozy. I was comfortable right away. I met with the IVF nurse, the Dr the financial director everything all set. They did a sonogram my antra-follicle count was 28. The nurse said this was great not too many and not too few. Too many and you do not get good quality, too few well you know. No babies. So 28 is the pool in which we will feed from. I started birth control pills last night and my next appointment will be the 29th of May. At this appointment Saline sonogram checking the uterine cavity for polyps and cysts on the ovaries. As long as everything is clear we go on to Lupron.....that for 10 days then onto stims!!! Holy sh*t this is happening! We are looking at retrieval around second or third week in June. All in all this process will be 6 weeks. I will be praying alot!!! So stay tuned it will be getting interesting!!!

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