Saturday, June 6, 2009

RE Visit #3

So wish there was something good to report, but no there isn't. The cyst was bigger something the nurse didn't expect. So 4 hours driving with the hopes of starting meds just to get bad news. Sure it is not devastating and it will go away it is just prolonging this entire process and that is the hard part. The nurse assured me this happens, not often, but it does happen. Two things come to mind....1) Is this a sign of things to come....once I get on the Lupron after this goes away will there be abother one that prevents me from starting the stimulation meds? 2) Could this have been the underlying problem all along? I am sure it cannot help fertility having cysts? Back in my 20's I was hospitalized because a cyst burst they thought it was my apendix but after an internal sonogram they saw fliud and realized thta is what it was. Then in Texas when we did are IUI's I also had a cyst but the RE said it was not an issue and we proceded with the medication.
So just some food for thought I guess. I am trying to be patient but this is getting really annoying. Nothing I can do for now, next appointment is next Saturday. At least I do not have to use any more vacation time for these visits. She said she can work me in on the weekends now. So we shall see what happens...more next week as the saga continues!
Grant me strength!

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