Sunday, June 21, 2009

Loopy on Lupron

So far so good....I figured out the trick to the Lupron shots. For a couple of days there they were feeling like bee stings. I don't think I was pinching my skin hard enough and the Lupron was too cold from the fridge. So I let it sit out for 10 minutes now and I get a good pinch of the skin and barely any pain. Side affects....the sun seems to bother me and being hot. We went to the boat yesterday and it was very uncomfortable. Hubby was so sweet too....reminded me about the sun block and bought me a six pack of Sprite in loo of beer! So sweet! My tummy is upset for maybe 15 minutes after I inject but then goes away. Other than that just waiting for Wednesday to see what the next steps are. Two girls from my old thread are PG so that is super hopeful. I pray to G-D that this works for me. Will I be one of the lucky ones??

When you think about how many people you know who have difficulty getting pregnant it is amazing that any of us are here to begin with. Back in the 1800's they barely had medicine...let alone any of the modern conveniences we have today. But people got pregnant and delivered babies. Now a days it seems like a common thing to know someone with fertility issues. I envy those lucky people who do not have to spend money to have a baby. on a tangent...ha!
More on Wednesday after RE visit! Peace out.

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