Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What was that???

This is what I am saying to myself what seems like every minute of the day with every gurgle, twitch, and pain. I really wish there was a manual to tell you if you were on the right track....or going to be disappointed. I have been on the Progesterone 3 x a day since retrieval. This morning while brushing my teeth I dry heaved. So if that was the progesterone wouldn't it have done it sooner?? Is something going on down there? Oh I wish I could tell! So far closthes are not fitting, my panties are leaving marks LOL, really bloated but a bloated like I have never felt.
7 days past the trigger I took a test as reference for next week and it was a nice positive, and I almost started to fake myself into thinking I could be preggers already! Driving myself nuts a bit I think. Today is only 3dp3dt I have never heard of a positive that early.

So hubby has the right idea. expect the worst and if something else happens then awesome! Until then he and I are playing a fun game..."what we will do if we are not pregnant". So far on the list....
1) Sell the house and buy a horse farm/ranch
2)Anguilla for the next Jimmy Buffet concert
3) Buy a house boat (his whish haha)
4) Plastic surgery ( wish 8-)
5) Breed Golden Retrievers
So we are passing the time adding to the list. he figures if he does this I will not go crazy at the prospect of no heirs to the family name. And I guess it could work. We shall see.
So if any of you out there reading this.....have any experience with the post-IVF body functions...please drop me a line!!! I would love to know more.


  1. I don't have any IVF experience (doing IUIs for TTC#2), so I don't know, but I'm hoping for a positive for you. I imagine symptoms every month.

    But FWIW, the month I finally got pregnant with our daughter (on IUI #4), we had reached the point of dreaming about what cool things we could do if we never had kids, so I think that's a good sign!

  2. You know I was just googling a few hours ago side effects of progesterone.. I am having terrible CM issues LOL.
    I found this (scroll down to Minxy's response), she gives a whole list of progesterone related side effects.