Friday, July 10, 2009

Cheaper By The Dozen.......

Doctor called. Of the 12- 1 had no egg, 1 was immature. 4 did not fertilize 4 fertilized. So out of my 12 I have 4 growing. he said one was mis-shapened but nothing he is concerned about. He also said that the source of my issues could very well stem from poor egg quality. He said the Zona on mine were a little weird. And could be the issue, how they get around that is the Assisted Hatching. So I am afraid there will be nothing to freeze and I am ok with that. I do not think I could go through again. Whatever will be will be. I am hoping for good news Sunday, that we get 2 nice embies for transfer. Time will Tell....tomorrow might be the longest day ever.

well, what an experience Retrieval as. I was scared out of my mind! The anesthesiologist was amazing. very delicate and caring. Explained everything he was doing and that helped. The nurse and the Doc enter the room and I see the syringe go into my IV and instantly I get tingly....nice. And I guess at that moment I said something to the effect of" Wow, Michael Jackson had the right idea...." and BOOM out like a light. before I knew it I was awake and the procedure was over. Really?? That is it?? OK. I survived!!! yes, I had anxiety I would be one of those people who never woke up due to some accidental circumstances. Overactive imagination, if you will. The nurse was asking me if I remebered what I said, and told me I was hysterical and had them all cracking up.

So I was ready to go in 5-10 minutes ready to get dressed. The pain was not that horrible. Just really bad cramps that went away with some ibuprofen. Before we left the Nurse told us how many we got.....and we got 12!! I am beyond happy. I was not expecting that at all. In fact, I purposely was thinking a lower number and just going to be happy with 6 or 7. 12 was beyond my expectations. I think all the good eating I have been doing paid off!!! Now BRING ON THE PINEAPPLE!!!!

Today I am waiting for the fertility report. Nurse will be calling sometime today to let me know quality and what is growing, transfer day, and all that jazz. So I am calmly waiting for that. (Sort of Calmly....ha!) Today I am feeling ok, started Progesterone. Last night I woke up a lot to pee and holy christmas the gas is unreal. Ha! Thank goodness I have a cube far away. That seems to be my only discomfort. I feel 10 pounds lighter after the retrieval. So is to my little babies cooking 400 miles away! come on my little can do it I want you so bad I can taste it. So close! So close to all those wonderful clothes, diapers, cribs, the smell of baby. So close!!!!!


  1. Hi -
    I am also in GA & have been following your blog for the last week or so.. it helps someone in my area is going through the exact same thing! Best wishes to you, your DH & growing little ones!

  2. BOOM being out and then the next minute awake - same here :-)

    Will be praying for you that you get at least two eggs to transfer!

  3. best wishes on your transfer! :)