Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And Still They Grow......

Today was a BUSY day! Got the Doctor's office, left the house at 5:45 am. I got there at 10am my stomach in knots. Just hoping something grew over night. So, my friend the sono wand and I got familiar once again. And I met with the Dr today too! The elusive Dr! He told me I have 10 follicles!! So happy. Sizes 15, 16,16,16, 18,18, 19 I think I missed a couple because that is only 8.
Dr said that of the 10 he would expect 7-or so eggs. He also said that if that were the case he would ICSI them all and call me on Friday for a fertility report.

We can expect transfer Saturday, Sunday or Tuesday. I would be a big fan of not having to take another day off work that is for sure. I can not believe it is here, finally here. All my hopes and dreams hang on these next few days. I feel mysteriously calm. I think because I know I have absolutely no control of this situation. I am hoping for the best. So far nurse and the Dr seem to think everything is going well, slow ans steady wins the race....quality over quantity.

Trigger tonight, retrieval is Thursday morning. Grammy, Dad send me a baby. I have been so patient. I want to be a Mommy. I want to give all my love away and see my husband in his eyes. Send me an angel/angels. Miss you both.


  1. Wanted to wish you good luck with your ER/ET! I am currently on Lupron for my first IVF... just 2 weeks behind you (assuming everything goes well beyond Lupron)!