Monday, July 6, 2009

Another Road Trip

Sono this morning revealed not enough growth. The sizes on the Right if I can remember ranged from 12-15 and the Left 18, 17, (2) 16, 15, 14 an entire range but not large enough. So one more day of stims and back to North Carolina again tomorrow for another sono, meds teaching and pre-op prep. Retrieval is Thursday. So this is not devastating or anything just really kills me missing so much work. I am using vacation days but it still is a little stressful to be gone 3 days this week.
I am trying to relax but my husband has already stirred the pot on that one. I just keep saying to myself that this will all be over soon and no more missing work. ( We are laying a bunch of people off this week so it is really un-nerving to miss any work this week.)
I emailed my boss and all he knows is I am having an in office surgery procedure I am sure that will be fine. Gee whiz....can you tell I am Catholic?? DO I carry enough guilt around or what???
Hopefully a better update tomorrow!

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