Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Note To Self.....

DO NOT FORGET PROMETRIUM!!!! I just got my ass chewed out by Nurse Ratchet....I felt bad enough part of it was yes my doing but the other part was all the pharmacy. I thought they sent it Overnight Priority but they didn't, just overnight so it got here at 3:50pm enough to miss a dose. I seriously hope no damage was done??? Just one dose....it's ok though I appreciate her militant-like ways. Keeps me in line.

So lesson learned do not wait until the last minute to re-order! And it sounds like I am on this stuff for the next 7-8 weeks. Another weird thing...she told me not to make my OB appointment until after August 25th. That I would be 6-7 weeks by then. I thought by August 21st I would be 8 weeks according to some online calculators I found. So now I am altogether confused. So my first OB appointment is August 31st, my Birthday! What a special present to myself!!! so needless to say I am thoroughly looking forward to my birthday.

The Birthday that held so much meaning for me. The Big 35. 35, when eggs start to shrivel up, fertility starts to wash away that number petrified me for many years. yes I dreaded it, it had so much meaning for me. Meant a point of no return. And now I cannot wait for it! Funny how things change. I feel so wonderful right now, I want to bottle this and take it with me everywhere! And I love that I have followers!! I started this because I was inspired by some fabulous woman out there who never gave up on a dream. The dream to be a Mom. And I hope I gave some of what I got back to some of you! Thank you for sharing this with me!!! And to what is to come.........To Be Continued.