Saturday, January 3, 2009

Paying Attention....

I have had a book for many years...I wouldn't really call it a book rather a manual for life. It is a book of affirmations. It has helped me through the best and worst of times of life. I remember when I lived in my apartment in Queens working in Flushing how completely lonely I was. I yearned for a "love of my life." I found everything but, and I have to say this book got me through many heart aches and lead me on a good path that DID lead me to the love of my life. I am trusting this book to lead me on the right path again as I take this wild and crazy ride. It will help me stay grounded and not loose perspective....

Jan 3
"Trust your Heart
For so long you relied on your head. Now it's time to make shift-the great leap into your heart.
Are you beginning to see how your head gets in the way? How it creates so much noise? The chatter the limited vision, the fear? Are you beginning to see what you have relied on-your intellect, your assessments, and sometimes logic have complicated your life?
.....The heart sees clearly. It balances the mind and emotions. It takes what is real processes it into truth, then into action."

-"Learn to listen to your inner voice. Listen to your heart. It's your connection to God, to people, to the universe, to yourself."

See what I mean?? That is what I need to do, trust my heart, trust my body (that it will know what to do when it is called upon) and most of all trust the Dr, that I do not know more than she does!!

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