Thursday, January 8, 2009

Finally Insurance comes through!!!!

This is the happiest post of my life I think. After so many disappointments dealing with insurance companies and infertility I finally had some LUCK! And that is exactly what it is because according to my benefits I only have coverage for diagnostic events. So they can tell me what is wrong but do nothing about it....(that is another rant entirely). So the pharmacy where I am getting all my Meds for this IVF called on Tuesday with my GRAND TOTAL. Which I expected to be about $3000 plus, here is how the conversation went:

Bette (like as in Bette Midler): Jeanine, I have the total of your meds, I am happy to say I was able to get everything covered and your total is $219.80.

Me: Do you have the right number?

Bette: Laughs....yes, Jeanine Stehr, right?

Me: Really? Are you sure? BCBS??? $219.80? Really? Are you sure Jeanine Stehr?? YOU MADE MY DAY!!!

Bette: Laughing louder.....I am so glad! The last girl hung up with me crying her bill was $4,000. I am so happy I could make your day!

Bette and I are now long time meds will be delivered today so expect the obligatory
"IVF Meds Picture" in tomorrow's post!!

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