Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Big Cranky Bitch....

So some girls and I are doing a "cleanse diet" this week and in my current state of mind I am finding myself very moody. I feel a little bad about my mood but nothing I can really do I guess. The cleanse is supposed to be really good for you gets rid of toxins in your body and blah blah blah. Also supposed to jump start weight loss which is what I am really after. I am findin gthe lack of meet very hard to deal with I snuck a chicken leg last night I couldn't take it! I am not sure how vegitarians do this.....I do not miss bread, cheese nothing but MEAT! I am going to stick it out though. So I am trying to work through my crankiness along with my overall bad mood with the state of things.
My IVF nurse called yesterday and we talked for a bit. I explained I wanted to start back up again BUT I might have to postpone again depending on certain things (husband). So I am to call with the start of my next menses which will be Sun/Mon so I would go back on the birth control pills...start drugs on March 23rd. This would put retrieval at around April 13th or so. So we will see what happens. So we have 3 weeks to get our 2 appointments complete. I still have no answer on any of this but I am going to just keep on planning. Ther is no reason not to. None what so ever. Oh wait the economy is bad....there you go there is the reason.

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