Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tiny Miracle

About the size of a precious as precious can get. I am in love already and have not yet even met the little miracle inside me. I talk to my tummy every morning and I thank God and then I thank little bubs for hanging around. I tell my bubs to keep growing healthy and strong because you are much wanted and much loved already. I cannot even imagine what it might be like to hold little bubs someday. It seems like an eternity sometimes and then it seems like a blink of an eye and I will strain to remember being pregnant.
I tell you what though it is not all easy. Headaches, tired, moody, hungry, nauseous, swollen......all things I welcome with open arms. I am sure Mr. S could tel you a thing or two about hormones and how crazy they have made me......hee hee. I have gotten better though. Tomorrow starts 13 weeks the final week in the Frist Trimester. I am so blessed to be here and will not take one second for granted. (No matter how lousy I feel.) 27 weeks left.....not a long time at all.
Anatomy scan is in November, that is the next time I get to see bubs. But I will get to hear a heart beat on Oct 9th my next OB appointment. So that will give me some reassurance for a while.
I am also excited because my girlfriend at work just told me she is pregnant and due the same week as me! She kept it this entire time a secret because she said she did not want to steal my spotlight. I was so touched by her thoughtfullness. All though I would have been elated anyway....I hope I do not come accross as someone who is needy like that. I think she is just nice like that though. So now I have a partner in crime! We talk baby stuff every day. And looks like maternity leave will be the same time so we both have someone to hang out with when the time comes! I was seriously starting to think how lonely I would be, all our family is in New York. So this make is a little bit easier!
Family......where to start. So my Sister-in-Law is also pregnant and due the same week as me. And I really tried to embrace it and befriend her and use it as an oppurtunity to become closer. but I realize now that it will not happen. There is just too much back story for just this little blog. Bottom line is I have made every attempt to contact her and keep in touch and nothign works. So why bother continue to get hurt by someone. I feel bad it is my husbabd's sister. But I am not going to intentionally let myself get hurt by her. I wish we were closer but she chooses to not have a relationship. It has also been brought to my attention that she has said that if my in-laws come to visit me and the new baby she will be pissed. Pissed because she has two kids already and will need help while she has the third. What balls right? We have worked so hard to have this miracle and it is our first and that is the person she is. So guess what, not bothering with her at all. After all, I have a little miracle growing and I need to think happy thoughts and not be stressed by the likes of her.
End on a hppay note.....look back at the picture....awe!

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  1. Hi Little Baby!!!

    I find the SIL situation unbelievable. Very sorry to hear you had to even hear about that - it's total crap. Just keep focusing on your MIRACLE!!!!! Can't wait to see the next pic and find out what you're having.